Monday, January 5, 2009

Desperado . . . when will you--oh God.

Academic and speculative fears have little place here. But I think this one is compelling enough to qualify.
My mother recently tried to make me watch Mamma Mia! -the movie based on the songs of 70's supergroup ABBA (sorry, I can't type a backwards "B"). I made it about 20 minutes, which is really saying something, since any sane person not filled to the brim with filial affection would run screaming after five, as the maleficent plan of the Great Satan to write this movie, get it made, and then inhabit the body of your mother and force you to watch her enjoy it, unrolled before your mind's horrified eye.

Even so, while the abject horribleness of this abomination did hurt, and hurt bad, it is not the subject currently at hand.
No, the real fear is that, given the suckcess of movies like Mamma Mia! and her sister flick "Across the Universe" (exclamation point optional), it is not unlikely--indeed, it is extremely probable--that at some future time, some future movie making demon will create and distribute a musical based on the MUSIC OF THE EAGLES.


jonathan said...

I would watch Mama Mia twice before watching Desperado. That is how much I fear the music of the Eagles.

Anonymous said...

My sons were literally repelled from the room while I enjoyed - I'll agree here - the ridiculousness of Mamma Mia. But I would NEVER make them watch me enjoy that movie. It's just kind of perverse. It would be like making them watch me enjoy the Twilight series.