Saturday, April 14, 2012

Broken What ifer

When I was a kid, all my what ifs were either apocalyptic or nirvanic. Asteroids hitting the earth, being able to fly, accidentally bringing about Ragnarok, those kind of things. As I get older the negative what ifs have gotten smaller, more real, Like: cancer, heart disease, killed by a kid with a gun, have my car stolen. Whereas the positives are mostly just inverted negatives like: not getting cancer, not having my house flood, not being bitten by raccoons. When I do get an actual positive what if it's usually so insignificant that it's sad. Like, what if that vending machine mistook my $1 for a $5? Or what if Luke Batton actually sent me the short film he made about my daughter 15 years ago? I fear there's no way to fix this.

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s.k.namanny said...

The little things were always big, but our view of them was obscured by the non-existent "big things."