Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am so very afraid....

This guys doesn't have many friends, but he has one...


s.k.namanny said...

This truly frightening entry encapsulates so many fears for me.
I'm profoundly afraid of psuedo-religious music.
I'm afraid of how difficult it is to play bass and sing at the same time--and I'm afraid of how good he is at it, if he's not lipsynching.
I'm afraid of how easy it apparently is to write/play that SKA type music. If Fishbone had added horns to this and released it without changing the lyrics, it would have been welcomed, hailed as a deliciously ironic anti-christian dance machine.
I'm afraid of people who dress like this.
But mostly I'm afraid I'll wake up in a world where this is NOT on You-tube.

s.k.namanny said...

I'm also afraid that the speculation that he doesn't have many friends might be shortsighted. I'm afraid he has LOTS of friends who pat him on the back and tell him his music is great and get THEIR friends to buy tickets to his shows.