Friday, October 3, 2008

actual fear (just one, I swear)

Sorry everyone, this isn't comedic, or sarcastic, superior, or even snarky.  But I have always feared the ocean, and this picture illustrates why.  
I went surfing in L.A. with a would-be film producer, and every second I was out there I was totally convinced I was about to be taken by a hunter from the deep.  No matter how often you tell yourself how unlikely it is, you know damn well it is always, always possible.  
Just thinking about being in the ocean, especially isolated in deep blue water, makes it hard to breath.  (Notice, please, that my fear didn't stop me from surfing. It was a huge thrill)
But don't try and tell me you aren't afraid of sharks.  


Adellamorio said...

I agree, sharks are really scary. As a matter of fact, every time I get in the ocean I piss myself.

jonathan said...

Sharks are scary but you should be scared of traffic. Very VERY dangerous. I think about half the kids at Del Oro high school were killed or paralyzed in car wrecks while my nieces and nephews were students. Oh don't mean to make light of this because my niece Casey has lost many friends to cars - and only a few to sharks.

s.k.namanny said...

Yes, but as a fear for the day, traffic doesn't quite work. I looked for hours at pictures of traffic accidents, and never once had the fear response the shark gives me.
I've tried to use the traffic piece on people who are scared of flying. No matter how many stats I provided about how deadly traffic is compared to air travel, it never worked.
I guess red asphault doesn't scare people.