Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin's Greatest Hits

I am afraid. I have a comedy show at the same time that Sara Palin has her debate with Joe Biden. I know that NOTHING I say could possibly be as funny as what she will say.


jonathan said...

I am too squeemish to watch Sarah Palin. I'd rather watch a bowel resection. At least the bowel is not expected to know anything about international relations.

Anonymous said...

I'm not partisan (read: ignorant) enought to post them, but I found a whole bunch of stupid youtube videos that make Obama and/or Biden sound/look like idiots. I wasn't afraid of them.

During the debate, I was afraid that Palin's hair, caught under her glasses, was going to stab her in the eye. I was also afraid of Biden's teeth. We need a cut off age for the veneers. Gigantic alabaster teeth in people of a certain age are scary.

But I won't be posting any pictures or footage of any of the crooked maniacs running in this election, lest by default anyone think I endorse their opposition. The only thing scarier than the current crop of politicians is anyone who thinks that any of them are any different or better than the others.

Adellamorio said...

Dear Anonymous, you may not be a partisan but you're definitely a puss chop. If you're going to criticize someone's fears at least have nugs to sign it.

KLJ said...

It is so easy to say, oh they're all bad.
I'm too smart for any of 'em.

Of course I won't argue that any of them are perfect. I'm sure they make their share of gaffs, but put up or shut up friend. Lets see these Obama and Biden clips that will make them sound/look like idiots. I think they will just make them look like smart men making a gaff. That is what I think. And I think you get a failing grade for wanting us to just accept what you say without you providing these clips you speak of.